Enclosed Racks

Server Cabinet Enclosures

18U - 42U of rackable space Doors and sides are removable and lockable

RS148 Data Center Server Cabinet

42-48U of Rackable Space Designed for Data Centers

12U Portable Server Rack

Fits under most desks, tables 12U rack for server, PC, NAS

5U Secure Vertical Wall Mounts with Hinged Doors

5U of Secure Rackable Space Mounts 19" equipment

Data Center Rack Cabinet Enclosures

Data Center Server Racks 42U-48U

Server Rack Cabinet

24U-48U of rackable space Secure rack made for server

16U Office Cabinet

16U of rackable space Secure rack made for servers

Transport Case Rack

SKB hard cases are shock isolated 6U & 8U sizes available

15U x 11U Open Frame Wall Mount Rack with Side Panels and Swing Door

Wall mount 19" equipment Includes sides panels and doors

47U 141 Colocation Rack

Colocation Cabinet 2,3,4 Secure Compartments


Tenants cannot remove compartment dividers 4 secure compartments